Kara’s transition story

In this post, Kara offers us her military-to-civilian transition story. To me, it reveals the importance of seeking and receiving support when approaching and undergoing transition, and not to feel too proud or busy to do so. It also supports the common experience that many transitioning people feel — especially when transitioning from a military career — that the first job we get may not be the one that provides (or replaces) a sense of personal and professional meaning, purpose, reward, direction and satisfaction.

Tom’s top civvy-treatment transition tips

In this post, ex-British Army Tom offers some transition tips on how to interact with 'civvies'. Some might be controversial, and I expect some 'civvy' come back on this (and I encourage it). For example, do some of the points below feed a perception that all ex-military are authoritarian and insensitive?

Military-to-civilian transition, and back again…

Well, here's our second transition story. While perhaps much less straight forward than our last, there are commonalities, including making the most of training and educational experiences. This story also conveys some of the challenges transition, but there is a message of enduring resilience, fortitude, hope and positivity.

Jim’s story

Reaching a pinnacle after 25 years' military service, Jim went on to reflect on his own career and transition. While Jim has experienced a successful military career and transition overall, both entailed some setbacks, which Jim refers to in the middle of his story below. Essentially, it is a story of success from boy soldier, to Dr McDermott, proving that a military career can lead you on in life. Among the messages though are that taking advantage of training, education and preparation opportunities can be crucial in helping to transition more smoothly.