At first glance, the military-inspired ‘Manoeuvrist Approach’ might not seem applicable to transition – be that a career or any other personal transition process.

However, successful manoeuvre, in military terms, relies on agility, support and careful planning when attempting to seize initiative and deliver forward momentum. So too in personal transition journeys.

In my doctoral thesis, I linked this concept of manoeuvre to Schlossberg et al.’s transition counselling theory, which is founded on careful examination of the personal, situational, support and strategic ‘assets’ available to a transitioning individual.

An asset and liability examination is pivotal to seizing opportunity while simultaneously overcoming obstacles to forward transition momentum. This is as true in military operations as it is in ‘personal transition operations’.

The keys are assessment and identification of transition assets and liabilities, a plan, and a strategy.

The cornerstone is harnessing effective support.

That is what I intend to offer you here, as will soon be revealed.

In the meantime, you might wish to read my transition story, which provided the basis for my own transition asset and liability assessment and plan.

Graham Cable
Graham Cable

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