Planning your own transition story

The following resources are aimed at kickstarting and structuring your transition exploration, audit and planning process. While they might not solve all your transition challenges immediately, any ‘liabilities’ that might block progress ought to be identified and considered if you are to more effectively mitigate them.

More importantly, an in-depth understanding of self and support assets available to you should also be recognised, prioritised and harnessed. These can be assets you have acquired and developed over a lifetime, not just your recent experience. Therefore, it follows that any exploration of what motivates us ought to consider more than just our present circumstances and recent past. Looking back as far as we can remember can therefore help us make sure we don’t miss any past aspects of our asset rich lives.

any exploration of what motivates us ought to consider more than just our present circumstances and recent past

The following modules help you do that. They also help you identify any ‘liabilities’ that need to be considered and worked around, culminating in assisting you in creating a transition plan that focuses on bringing your assets to bear in a motivating, meaningful and fulfilling future.

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If you have any comments of this site and the resources offered, we welcome you to contact us with feedback. We wish to continue developing, improving and reaching more people who may benefit, as well as answer any questions you might have.

If you need any help with these resources or any other aspect of transition, please also consider getting in touch. We, the site developers, not only have expertise in the resources offered here, but also wider careers development and guidance.

Alternatively, please consider leaving a comment below.


Graham Cable

Dr Graham Cable, EdD

Site & resource developer | veterans & families researcher | veteran

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