We need your transition stories to help inspire others…

If you want to tell us what went well and what did not go so well in your own transitions (military-to-civilian or otherwise), and pass on your tips, triumphs and trip-ups to others, then please us the form below. The plan is to feature as many as we can on our forthcoming ‘Your stories‘ page*, and to build a support community.

You can send us your stories anonymously, or give us your name (or even a made up name). All you need to do is write or paste your story on the form below, and fill in any other details you wish to include.

As well as helping others, you might find that exploring your own story is of help to you too (some tips are available here).

If you wish to include pictures with your story (of yourself or objects/scenes, but not other people as we don’t want to get in trouble please) or attach your story in document form, by all means use stories@consigo.co.uk.

So, go on, help others and perhaps help yourself too, and ‘write for your life’!

*While we will not substantially alter any stories we are able to publish, we may have to edit them, and ask for your understanding. Even if we edit them (or end up not being able to publish them), the idea is that you find writing your story useful in its own right. If you have a problem, you can always contact us again using the form above.