Thank you for visiting, the home of the Manoeuvrist Approach to Transition.

This site is aimed at enabling those undergoing challenging ‘transitions’ to bridge any apparent gulfs between what they feel they might have lost and where they might like to be.

It is developed from personal experience but underpinned by research.

While this research focused initially on an experience of military-to-civilian-transition (MCT), what is revealed can be applicable to any career change and perhaps other forms of transition. While practical support such as CV writing and interview support is widespread, explaining and supporting the emotional consequences of change can be much harder.

Research into this difficulty has shown:

  • while we might take some transitions in our stride, others require greater practical and emotional effort
  • evidence suggests most of us are strong enough to navigate even the toughest transitions, but we need support to do so most effectively
  • this support can come in various forms, but perhaps the most effective is assistance that helps us help ourselves

Spending some time focusing on ourselves and our situations, and being guided to do so, can help us take control of our transitions.

This process can begin by reviewing our past experiences and present situation to determine what personal and support ‘assets’ we have available to us, while identifying and factoring in any personal and environmental ‘liabilities’.

Once done, we can plan on harnessing those personal and support assets while mitigating any liabilities; and then aligning our transition sights into a motivating, meaningful and fulfilling future.

This is the Manoeuvrist Approach to Transition, and it must start with a story.

So, do yourself justice. Write your self story. Write for your life.


Graham Cable

Dr Graham Cable, EdD

Site & resource developer | veterans & families researcher | veteran